Month: June 2015

Guest Post by Jessica Jayne – My Mental Health Journey


I’ve decided recently to feature some guests here on my blog to showcase some other people’s troubles with mental health. Here we have Jessica Jayne who talks about her journey with anxiety and accepting that she had a problem that needed help. Please check out her blog by clicking here for more.


I never know how to start these so I’m just going type and see what happens.

Seeing as this is a guest post and you know absolutely nothing about me, I thought I’d tell you about my ‘mental health journey’.

From a very young age my mum knew there was something different about me; at the age of four I was showing signs of depression – which is quite disturbing when you think about it, how can a four year old be depressed? I didn’t have a bad childhood, in fact it was quite the opposite. I was the…

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A Cal-State University Los Angeles (CSULA) Student Makes Successful Recovery After A Near Death Drug Reaction

*Yaasmen Castanada and her daughter*

***Source: ABC 7***

I can see why medical experts say people should not share their medication among their family and friends. You never know if they might have an allergic reaction. A CSULA student by the name of Yaasmeen Castanada has made a successful recovery after a reaction to a friend’s antibiotic (ABC-7). The medication caused her to burn inside and out (ABC-7). It was discovered then she had Steven-Johnson Syndrome (Daily The Steven-Johnson Syndrome is a rare, but serious disorder that is caused either by a reaction to medication or an infection (Mayo About 70% of her body is damaged and will need physical, occupational, optical, dermatology, nutritional, and burn therapy (Daily However, despite her the unfortunate incident, Yaasmen continues to stay strong not only for herself, but for her 11 month old daughter (ABC-7). You go girl! 😀

* Yaasmeen Castanada After and Before the Incident*

***Source: ABC 7***

So, please even if you have a good intention to offer your loved one your medical prescription(s) when they are under emotional and/or physical distress don’t give to them. For those who want to take medical prescription from your family and/or friends to spare yourself from whatever pain you are undergoing, don’t do it. Although the pain you are going through is bad, you don’t want to go through even worse circumstances. Why do you think doctors ask if you are allergic to anything and what medications you are currently taking? It’s to prevent such devastating incidents such as this from happening.

If you want to watch the video on the CSLA Student click the link below.

Ahh!!! Migraines!

Ack! Migraine! I feel it more in the back of my head. However, yesterday was the migraines of migraines. I haven’t had it that bad before: dull pain on both sides my head turned into a throbbing pain, I felt confused, the lightening around me annoyed the hell out of me and I had blurry vision. Thank goodness for Excedrin, peace, quiet and dim lighted room. I was very surprised how I was able to complete last night’s post. I guess I really, really wanted to write down my thoughts.

Migraine Headaches: How to Deal with the Pain – American Family Physician

I have always had migraines but I never knew how to identify it. Not till recently. The American Family Physician has topics on migraines:

  • What Causes Migraines?
  • What A Migraine Feels Like
  • The Different Types of Migraines—There’s more than one? Yeah, like one isn’t enough.
  • Things That May Trigger Migraines
  • What You Can Do For the Pain
  • Types of Medications Are Used To Treat Migraines.

Click on the link below for more information:

Migraine Headaches: How to Deal with the Pain – American Family Physician.