Bullied Teen With Asperger’s Who Wanted To Help Others Dies By Suicide

I was watching the NBC LA (Los Angeles) news and the news reporters had said a high school student by the name of Kennedy LeRoy, took his life due to a bullying male classmate. I was shocked. He was bullied because he was different—he had Asperger’s. On top of that LeRoy was battling depression. In the past, he did report the bully to a school administrator, who then made the bully sign a “no contact contract”. Unfortunately, the bully still bullied him in secret. It was after that, LeRoy took his own life. Before his passing, LeRoy–whose goal was to help others–wrote this on a note:

“Maybe my death will make people realize that words can hurt as much as, if not more than, physical blows.”

And maybe it can.

I was so sadden by his passing. He was only 16 years old and looked like he had a lot to offer to the world. But honestly, I think the “no contact contract” was a slap on the wrist for the bully. I think LeRoy’s school administrators could have kept an eye on the bully, suspended him or something else other than a  “no contact contract”. I think schools should hold an assembly once a year teaching students about the effects on bullying and what to do if they see it happening. Or maybe issuing a “zero tolerance” punishment on bullies. Or maybe teachers could learn how to recognize the signs of a bullied student. I don’t know, just something that can make school communities take a more proactive approach to bullying. A piece of paper can never replace human intervention. We should all take a stand to bulling in order to prevent such tragedies. Anyways, I feel sorry for his family. May his soul rest in peace. If you’d like to read more, click on the link below:

 Bullied Teen Who Wanted To Help Others Dies By Suicide


6 thoughts on “Bullied Teen With Asperger’s Who Wanted To Help Others Dies By Suicide

  1. Hi, please forgive me for offering a suggestion on the language here. There has a been a shift in using the word “commit” suicide to “dies” by suicide. I’m not typically one do make a comment like this, but I really find using a different word than “commit” is helpful for the people or families with loved ones who have experienced suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts. Sincerely


    • I changed the title a little bit. I hoped that helped. Thank you for the correction. If it wasn’t for that I would have continued to use the same lingo as the newscasters.


      • Hey thx I thought that might be the case & honestly I should’ve checked to see. Either way I was really moved by the change of language around suicide and thought it was helpful for me. The other thing is it’s probably still a crime in the USA, although I’m not sure. Is it? Either way we’re talking about it so that’s great! I take no offence to these things at all. We’re all learning together.


      • Thanks. Oh by the way I just found out that suicide is illegal in just two states in the U.S. It is assisted suicide that is illegal. Hm…I would never known about this. But I enjoyed understanding this with you!😄

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