Day: July 11, 2015

Doh! I’ve Done It Again!

Ugh! It happened again! I forgot to take my medication (again) at the time I was supposed to take it. Then again, I forgot to take my medication, because I forgot to put the new refill in my purse. Due to lack of preparation, I was in for a miserable day at work. This time the symptoms of depression came in the form of a sinus headache: tenderness on my face, sensitivity to light (I wore my sunglasses inside of my workplace), sensitivity on my teeth, and sharp and dull headache. That was my day at work in a nutshell. Well, that one’s on me. That’s what I get for forgetting to bring my medication with me or at least setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to bring it. Anyways, I was able to get through my day by thinking about helping my clients find work. I enjoy being with them and they enjoy being with me too. The thought of the joy my job and clients give me, gave me the strength to get through the day, until it was time for me to go home and take my medication.

At work, I felt like Dracula, trying to avoid the sun. I had wear my shades.
At work, I felt like Dracula, trying to avoid the sun. I had to wear my shades.

Although it was foolish for me to not double check that I had my medication before I left for work, I was strong enough to manage the symptoms. And now that I think about, I have been living with symptoms of anxiety and depression most of my life. My peers and loved ones looked down at me, because of my “yo-yo” behavior and lack of self-confidence. And it wasn’t easy seeing my grades rise and fall, rise and fall when I was in school (my grades rose eventually though. lot of work after the onset of the symptoms). Yet all these years, I have been able to possess the strength to keep moving forward regardless of not having any diagnosis, regardless of no therapy sessions, regardless of no medication and regardless of lack of support. What I have also learned from this situation, is how my internal strength is going to help me through my recovery. Hm…I guess I am more powerful than I think.

We’re on His Wall


Grey’s Anatomy is a great show.

I love it, I really do. And if you haven’t watched from the beginning, I highly HIGHLY suggest it.

There’s a formula to the show. In every episode, there’s a patient. They’ve either been maimed by an inanimate object, have a car part or something protruding through their abdomen, been hit by something, yade yade yaddah.

Whatever the case, they’ve been severely injured. And it’s Meredith’s, or Bailey’s, or Alex’s job to fix it. Mend it. Put the pieces back together.

And when the patient heals, their worth as a human being does not diminish because they endured that trauma. Sure, they may need a prosthetic limb as a result, but they still have the same value as before the accident. In fact, they’re often celebrated for having overcome such adversity.


Eating disorders may not be a car fender gashing into a person’s side. Anorexia may…

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