I’m Sick!

Man, I have been fighting this cold for the past three days! All thanks to stress! But I had so much things going on: school, work, CSET examinations, my mom coming to visit me… My body just couldn’t take it. It’s especially hard for my body to take it when I live with anxiety! I feel that usually my immune system can be very strong, but when I am stressed, it allows my body to be more susuptible to illness. Sheeh. Due to stress, I had to call off work for past two days, school, and now I might call off the walk for tomorrow! I hope not though. I am a lot better than I was the first day I contracted the cold, but now I am dealing with a horse voice and an achy body. And sometimes if I cough, my chest aches even more. I don’t know man… I really want to go to the walk tomorrow. Though if I rest well today, hopefully I will get a little bit better. We’ll see, we’ll see…


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