Scary Dream!😖

Patients in a mental institution in the 1940s

About two nights ago, I nightmare that there was this search for people with mental illness. Once found,they were sent to institutions were it was in deplorable conditions and the staff mistreated them. I, like most others,  who looked and acted “normal” were not counted as mentally ill. In the dream, I was able to by pass these two people who looking for mentally and I drove off to my home. Unfortunately on my way out, they found out I had mental illness and took me the institution.


I guess that’s what happens with you watch “Heroes Reborn” and watch a classroom film called “Where’s Molly?”. In “Where’s Molly?”, the narrator of film is looking for his long lost sister. In the 1950s, his mom on the request of the doctor, turned her into a mental institution  at the age of 3 just because the doctor said she had physical and intellectual disability. Once sent, she was placed in horrible conditions with no access to meet with her family. Why did this happen in the 50s? Well, during that time society wanted to create a “perfect” society free of “defective” individuals. I am so glad that today we’re becoming a much more accepting, informative, and proactive society. I guess that’s what years of fighting for civil rights and advocating does for you and your community.

Tommie (Robbie Kay; right,) along with his friend Emily (Gatlin Green; left), discovered being an “evo” while trying to save his mother’s life via blood donation.

Then in “Heroes Reborn” people with superpowers or “Evos” are either being captured or killed because of their ability and who they are.

Quentin (Henry Zebrowsky; left), Noah (Jack Coleman; middle), and Taylor (Eva Harlow; right) discovered where the captive “evos” were taken

The new “heroes” of the series along with some familiar “heroes” have to work together to end these inhumane crimes as well a looming threat unknown to most of the characters of the series.

Although, series mostly focuses on superheroes. It can be easy to identify it (well…not the capture and being killed part) for many factors. One, you know what it’s like to rediscover who you are. You feel for the characters on how to deal with the changes throughout your life. It’s like being reborn all over again. Two, sometimes the rediscovery of yourself may lead to loss of relationships and your lifestyle. Three, should you tell people about these changes? I mean, its a risk. Fortunately for Tommie in show, Emily was someone who accepted him once he told her he was an “evo”. Four, the stigma the characters face because of their differences with the “normal” people. Five, the show also discusses about the mistreatment that people do upon each other regardless of their abilities. People can be pretty cruel. There’s always a reason someone doesn’t like you. Which leads to lastly, number six, how the persecuted overcame it and are now trying to make a difference in other people’s lives.

But most importantly…..I hope my dream never, ever comes true!😖

I remained anxious throughout the rest of day after I dreamt it!


2 thoughts on “Scary Dream!😖

  1. Those pictures of patients in mental institutions from back in the day are scary in & of themselves. Eeek! It’s awful to even think about how those dear souls were mistreated back then. I can understand why your dream was so scary.

    I relate to rediscovering your self over and over throughout your life. And being reborn. I’m going through something similar now. And like you said, I’m going to lose my lifestyle. But I need to, it’s unhealthy. In the past when I got sober, I lost relationships because they were unhealthy for me and it was necessary for me to move forward. I just love the whole journey of self-discovery and self-growth.

    I really enjoy your blog. It’s unique and interesting. It sounds like you’re a very busy lady. Good for you! Good luck in your studies! Happy to connect =-)


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