The Power of Family…or The Power of Siblinghood

FontCandy (15)

Took me forever to get that quote right! I had to rewind the scene for the quote several times. But anyway, the scene meant a lot to me because the three brothers’—Andre, Jamal and Hakeem—apparent love for one another, no matter how much they get into a fight with one other. I nearly teared up here! This scene takes place during the episode, “A High Hope for a Low Heaven.” Hakeem, the youngest brother (the one on right), just escaped his kidnappers and under going trauma throughout the whole episode. His older brothers ,Andre and Jamal, came to his aid and reminded him how remarkable, smart, and incredible he was to face and get away from his captures. Andre then reminded the brothers how fortunate and strong they all were to overcome the obstacles thrown at them…even if it included their parents.


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