School’s Out!


Finally I am out of school! Man! It was freakin’ crazy! I made the mistake of taking four class (equivalent of 12 units) and then working on three fieldwork assignments. Then on top of that I was working two jobs. Although, this is what most people do, this was my first time going to work during the week of school. When I was an undergrad, I worked on the weekends. Though, now I see why people who work during the week only take 6-9 units.

So far my grades are good, but jeez it was hell! Here am I doing all of this while combating anxiety and depression. Though I think anxiety gave me a much harder time. When school work got so overwhelming and/or I fell behind in my studies, (because I was catching up with textbooks on top of extra reading my instructors wanted me to read) I’d sometimes procrastinate because it was all just too much! I had to plan how to work my fieldwork assignments around my work and school schedule and I had one day a week to attend each one. One day! Geez! I did cry and I cried hard because I was high in work and school work, and low on funds to take care of myself. I got sick more often, because of the over working myself and anxiety. Again, I think maybe anxiety was more of the culprit.  Anxiety made me more prone to catching colds, because throughout the year I have a pretty good immune system. Though when I get stressed out from doing things like working four jobs (yes I did earlier this year). But let me tell you what helped get through it (apart from medication and yes, sleep): Honey and Emergen-C. Oh…my…gosh! They helped me get over my cold! Taking two tablespoon of raw honey is great for chest congestion and Emergen-C for a boost of energy and stronger immune system. Even when I’m not sick, I take Emgeren-C. It’s gotten me through the last month and a half of school and especially work.


Emergen-C saved my life—my crazy/busy/exhausting life!


Before my mother told me of wonders of honey and Emergen-C, I was in danger of perhaps losing my first job. I was always calling out every Thursday, because I was burnt out from Monday-Wednesday, the busiest and longest days of the week. One day, my supervisor called me into her office and asked why I was always calling off on Thursdays. I couldn’t say it was mostly due to my anxiety, so I said school.

She said, “Okay, ‘cause I didn’t want HR to think that you had been doing somethings on Thursdays.”

“Oh, no” I stated. “It’s because of my crazy schedule, I get burned out which leads to me getting sick.” Thankfully she understood.

On other news,  guess what? I got accepted to my school’s mild to moderate credential program. Yeah! So this time I will only be taking 9 units. Never again am I taking more than I can chew! If everything works well I can get started on a paid internship next year. Yesssss! I can finally start living!!!

Though as grueling as this past semester was, I gotta say… I’m very proud of myself. To know I could break down and yet get back up, while still overcoming my mental illnesses was quite humbling and enlightening. I’m glad I sought help before I started school otherwise I wouldn’t have seen the capabilities that had long been within me shine.


Whenever I got a chance in my busy life, I was trying draft an article. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to post it. So, if you don’t mind, I will post a few those articles.  I know they are old, but they relate my journey of mental health while pursing my education/career. You will know they are old, because I will write the date as the title.  So, I hope you will enjoy them.


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