(Depression)Recovery Part 2 :P



Sorry, I haven’t been writing any blogs or returning any. I’ve been kinda out of it. Yeah, I tweet and all but it’s not the same…I really wanna write. It’s just I don’t feel like writing all my thoughts down. I guess it’s because I have all these ideas and collaborations of what I am thinking of in my head… but it’s just so damn overwhelming! There so much things I wanna write about… dispelling the misconceptions of mental illness, celebrate the triumphs of people fighting for mental health and of their own, provide new information on mental health/mental illness, discuss how mental health is depicted through film and other forms of media, black women and mental illness…  Don’t get me wrong…I love writing! As you can see, I’ve  But I’m kinda not feeling right now…I guess I’m sorta depressed, anxious… Ughhhhhhh! Give me time…I’ll write something. Just gotta breathe….


4 thoughts on “(Depression)Recovery Part 2 :P

  1. Typical of depression. It’s made you feel as though you need to apologize to us for not writing a blog post. You don’t. You take as much time as you need. Share what you want when you want. Sometimes it helps to write about it, like you have here. But don’t put pressure on yourself to write some elaborate, awe-inspiring blog post.

    I know it’s frustrating though, when you know it’s within you, and that you’re totally capable of doing so but depression won’t allow it. But this will pass, and you will get there again. And all of you’re fans will be here waiting for you when you return =-)

    But that’s not really important. What’s important is YOU… that you take care of yourself and get the help you need. Don’t worry about us. Just worry about you right now. Try to ignore depression’s lies. You are not your depression. Depression is a separate entity – a liar. You’re fighting it right now and you’re going to WIN! Stay strong. Feel free to contact me if you need to chat. krista@thesunnyshadow.com -Krista


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