A Critique on Inside Out…It’s A Great Movie!😄👍🏾


Not too long ago, I watched “Inside Out” and it was a cute movie! In case you don’t know, the movie talks about the five emotions in Riley’s head: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear. Since Riley’s birth, the emotions have been there for her through her ups and downs & her fears and her triumphs.


Left to Right: Anger, Disgust, Joy, Fear, and Sadness

However as Riley’s family moves out to San Francisco, the transition proves difficult for Riley and her emotions. Joy, for being what she is— joy/happiness and the leader of the group— tries to keep her companions and Riley in good spirits. Slowly, Riley begins to get use to San Francisco due Joy’s persistence on having Riley look on the bright side of things.


Fear coming up with a list of a dozen things that could go wrong during Riley’s first day at her new school

Also, what helps Riley is that Joy gives Disgust, Anger, and Fear jobs that will help Riley function while trying to adjust to the move and her new school.


Sadness turning a memory blue, which makes a memory sad

Sadness, however was assigned to not do and touch anything as Joy sees that everytime Sadness touches either a memory or a “core memory” it turns blue (sadness/depression) which can affect Riley’s islands of personality (what makes Riley, Riley a.k.a: Riley’s personality).  Unfortunately, Sadness leaves her post and gets a hold of a core memory which turns it blue. Upon seeing the “damage” Sadness has done, Joy tries to prevent the core memory from being transferred to the Island of Personality, but Joy along with Sadness get transferred along with the core memory. They ended up getting off course the islands and landed elsewhere in Riley’s mind.


Joy and Sadness trying to make their way back to headquarters

Throughout the movie, the two emotions had to accept each other characteristics to return to their post and most importantly, help Riley be whole again.

Before I saw this movie, I was skeptical about it. I was like to myself, “A movie on emotions? How is Disney going to that? It’s one thing if a movie renders emotions within its viewers such as happiness or grief…but a movie that talks about how such emotions are rendered within us? Huh…” Not to mention it seemed way too childish even for me, but as I watched the movie…I found it very intriguing. I liked how the movie seemed to emphasize how to accept your emotions through how the emotions accepted each other.

Joy acknowledges Fear, Disgust, and Anger, probably because they keep Riley moving, compared to Sadness who seems to hold…Riley…back. I mean Fear protects and keeps Riley safe, Disgust keeps Riely away physical and/or social situations that may offend, displease, or harm her and lastly, Anger helps Riley to voice things that are important to her.  Joy recognizes and accepts her companions’ differences and has them help her to keep Riley wholesome happy preteen.


Joy doing something I’ve been doing with my sadness most of my life…keeping sadness away from my persona.

In one scene, for example, on upon knowing Riley is attending her first day at her new school, Joy assigned Fear to think of all the possible things that can go wrong, so Riley will not be surprised and/or embarrassed at her new school. However as for Sadness, Joy doesn’t…seem…to know…what…her purpose is. All Joy sees is this melancholy character seeming to suck the joy out of everything. Even Joy gets exhausted working with her.

As the story progresses, the viewers and even Joy and Sadness, begins to know her [Sadness] purpose.  As a viewer, you notice how Sadness becomes the level headed one as the duo make their way to headquarters. As optimistic as Joy is, she can tend to forget herself which has got them in trouble in a couple of occasions. In one such situation, the duo along with a Bing-Bong, Riley’s old imaginary friend, used the “abstract thinking” route in hopes that it would be the short cut to the “train of thought” which Sadness thought was a bad idea.  The path ended up having them deconstructing then reconstructed and they missed the train. As the two emotions try to find their way back to headquarters, they realize what they both offer to each other.


Sadness comforting Bing Bong

Joy especially begins realizes this through the encounters as Sadness shows empathy towards Bing-Bong and consoles him, a second time when Sadness recalls a sad time in Riley’s life but only because how it led to how her parents comforted her and finally, a third time when Sadness helps Riley get unstuck in a bad decision by helping her to “feel” again by embracing her thoughts, fears, regrets and joys.


This is a pretty good desription of my heart

In my own experience, I too saw my sad emotions as having no purpose or if they had—whatever that was—they would only hold me back…make me vulnerable…weak. And especially during my early childhood years, I couldn’t stand the heartache and the sadness I bore as a child due to the dysfunction within my family. So, I would always put walls or some sort of bubble around me keeping me away from old and new situations and people. However, as I gotten older I realized that by not accepting the anguish within in me, I kept myself from being proactive, developing awareness to the situations, relationships taking place around me, and developing a zest for life. Also not accepting my anguish, made my fear—or rather my anxiety go up and I was never thinking about the here and now. I was thinking, “What could wrong?” “What did I do wrong?” “What could go wrong?” Yeah, it was pretty bad and made it hard to function in my day to day my life. Through my previous months in recovery, I have come to realize how accepting my feelings, especially my anguish was important. I’ve have gotten a little better at being in the here and now and I have better control of my anxiety. Just as Joy came to accept and respect Sadness, I’ve to accept and respect my sadness too.

I also liked how the movie personified the emotions and the other characters and objects of the inner mind.


Guards making sure that nobody, including Joy and Sadness, do not enter Riley’s subconcious cavern

  • The subconscious part of the mind was shown a big wall guarded by people who made sure that that the bad ideas, thoughts, dreams and fears kept locked up.

Goofball Island, one of Riley’s Islands of Personality

  • The “Islands of Personality” were the top characteristics that made up a person’s nature. Riley’s islands of personality contained a Goofball island, Hockey Island, Friendship Island, Honesty Island, and family island.  ***Mine would probably Goofball Island, Nerd Island, Studious Island, Nuture Island, Respect Island, Friend Island***

Dream Productions…where dreams are made

  • “Dream Production” was a production company inside your mind responsible for creating dreams or nightmares

Joy and BingBong in the Memory Dump after accidentally falling in it

  • The “Memory Dump” was a deep, deep cavern inside your mind, where unneeded memories were thrown into where they eventually vanished

Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong deconstructing as they go further down the Abstract Thought tunnel

  • The “Abstract Thought” tunnel was where thoughts and I were broken down into their most finite pieces such as non-objective fragmentation, deconstruction, and non-figurative deconstruction

The Train of Thought making a delivery to headquarters

  • The “Train of Thought” was literary a train that transfer thoughts like opinions and facts across your mind.

In conclusion by embracing your emotions, you are embracing yourself and the world around you. They help you showcase your joys, your sorrows, your dislikes, and your disapprovals of the situations and relationships you encounter. No emotion is too insignficant help you be your best self. For as the emotions discovered in the movie, you will fall apart, you will become numb and disengaged from the experiences and events that is called life.

If you haven’t seen the movie I suggest you see it. However if you have seen it, hopefully you’ll have seen with a better understanding.


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