The O Magazine Dicussesses Mental Health

Hello all! Not too long ago I was shopping for books in my local bookstore and while I was standing in line, I saw this:

I just had to buy it! The magazine dedicates 20 pages to mental illness and how people who live with mental illness cope with it. Through these various voices, you hear how people have embraced their mental illness and used it for good, how they have journeyed for the right therapist, how they have coped with a loved one’s mental illness and much more. You also get a mental health practitioners view on mental illness and mental health treatments.

 This issue is just one of a three part series in the O Magazine on mental health. February issue is called, “The State of Our Minds.” So when you get the chance, check it out at your local newsstand!


2 thoughts on “The O Magazine Dicussesses Mental Health

    • I tried to find it online for free, but I couldn’t 😦 One of the ways you could get those issues as I have found is by reordering those issues again digitally via the “O Magazine” app or zinio. Hope that helps.


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