Support At Work

Hello! Sorry I have been coming in and out of here. The main reason was because I had to get out of “relationship” that was not working out. I had to take some time off to recover before going back here. A broken heart doesn’t help my current bought with depression. Anyways, speaking of relationships remember the last post I talked about being afraid of talking to my supervisor cause of the mistake I made due to my anxiety and depression? Well guess what I did!

I talked to my supervisor and she seemed very understanding! She was sympathetic to my situation and was proud of the steps I took to take care of my illness. I told though that since I do a lot of traveling on the job it exhausts me leaving me anxious and which can make me tired. Again which makes depression settled in. She asked me what accommodation could she provide. I told her, I need at least 10 mins break after driving to the destination.  Though to make it official, official, I have to take a form for my psychiatrist to sign. Once signed, it will prevent any future managers from trying to override the accommodation. The only problem is since my insurance changed, I don’t have the same psychiatrist anymore. Ugh…. I wish I had the courage and strength long ago to do it! But I was afraid….afraid of being judged, losing my job… Well, I am going to work this out somehow, but till then it’s great to know someone has my back at work. It’s one person, but I don’t care! She is reasonable, understanding and want to help. And that brings the greatest relief and peace of mind.


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