African Americans and Mental Illness

Discussion on mental illness among the African American community is not discussed a lot. I mean I should know… My family had a hard time accepting my illness and medication. My mom just recently admitted that she was in denial of my mental illness and now is looking forward to attend an education class on mental illness.

But mental health is real among our people. And it needs to be addressed now. I have below a list of articles and a radio conversation not only revealing why African Americans do not seek mental illness, but how some African Americans have learned how to cope with it:

Why African Americans Avoid Pyschotherapy

Black Girls Don’t Get to Be Depressed

Mental Health and You

Do Whites Have a Mental Health Edge?

Black Folks and Mental Health: Why Do We Suffer in Silence?

African Americans with OCD: A Hidden Population and New Research

Guest post-Why Jesus Couldn’t Save Me From Depression

The Secret Life of Depression and Mental Illness In The Black Community 

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