The Future of Mental Health Depends on Your Vote!

Now, I try to keep politics out of my blogs, because it’s a sensitive topic. However as we come closer  to election day, I urge you to pay close attention to our presidential candidates. We need to make sure that they will continue to create and protect mental health initiatives, as their predecessors did. Already, President Obama has done a lot to promote and support mental health, let’s hope that the next candidate will continue to do the same. I am already seeing some candidates that seem not to be in support of mental health (*coughs* Ben Carson, *cough, cough* Donald Trump).  So please, take action this year to take part in voting to ensure mental health initiatives for years to come.

Okay so on the bottom is link that lists many accomplishments our former presidents have done to support and initiative mental health. Anywhere from President John F. Kennedy who signed in 1963 the “Community Mental Health Act”, which began the first of many local community mental health centers to President Barack Obama who proposed a budget which includes a new $500 million investment to increase access to mental health care.

How Presidents Have Shaped Mental Health Care

Now… on the bottom is what our present presidential candidates think about mental health/illness. To know where they stand and perhaps where they will stand as our future president, click on the link below…

Where the 2016 Candidates Stand on Mental Health Issues

Monthly Media Watch: Politics, Language And Stigma

US Presidents and Mental Illness

Well as you all probably know, Abraham Lincoln suffered with depression…but guess what I found… so did other presidents! For example, Theodore Roosevelt lived with bipolar disorder and James Madison, major depressive disorder. It makes you feel better don’t it that you can live with mental illness and still accomplish great things. So let’s not give up on ourselves and our dreams!

I didn’t wanna spoil the rest for you, so if you click the link below you can read more on our former presidents who lived with mental illness:

Mental Illness in the Oval Office

Oh yeah…there is a book based on  how former US presidents and other national leaders w lived with mental illness titled “A First Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness” by Nassier Ghaemi


For more information on the book, click on the link below:

Want more information on Theodore Roosevelt? Click on the link below:

Theodore Roosevelt: As Strong as Bull Moose

Do you still want to know who else lived mental illness? Click on the link below:

You are Not Alone: Featured Biographies