The Mental and Physical Benefits Martial Arts

As I mentioned in my journal entry learning martial arts was a great way of alleviating anxiety and depression. Instead of focusing on my symptoms, I was focusing on learning the techniques in the classroom. And when I came back from it, I was better focused and relieved. Lastly, lastly it was a great way to force myself around people and meet new people. ‘Cause trust me, when dealing with depression there are times you don’t want to see or meet anyone.

Now I am not saying the martial arts is the only way you can reduce anxiety, depression or any other mental health disorders because there are many other sports activities out there you may be interested in. The point is to get out there take part of some recreational activity that you will or use to enjoy. However…if you are thinking of learning something new and/or want a new challenge learn a martial art. Give a shot.  Below is an infographic demonstrating the mental and physical fits of martial arts:why-train-martial-arts5


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