Disability Laws and You

When I first got my diagnosis, I had no idea what sort of accommodation I should give myself, especially if I had to ever confronted my employer (which I did eventually did). It took me a little longer to find it; I found down the line that I got exhausted and more anxious every time I drove from one location to another. And well that’s how I was able to come with the 10 minute break plan. And for the most part, I have been doing pretty well. So, how do you find what type of accommodation you need at your place of employment?Well, if you go to the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) website, they provide ideas on what accommodation(s) you could use for any physical/mental impairments at your job.

Job Accommodation Network

Ask Jan

Accommodation Information by Disability: A to Z

Accommodation and Compliance Series: Employees with Mental Health Impairments

JAN: For Individuals

For more information on disability before and during employment, click on the following websites below:

Americans with Disability Act: Questions and Answers

The United States Department of Labor: Accommodations

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Disability Discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Job Applicants and Americans with Disability Act



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