Support From Work 3

Hi ho everyone! Finally it’s the weekend, but it’s about to become Monday in less than 48 hours. Anyways, I have not yet mentioned yet about the meeting I had with HR. So to make the story short, I’ve been approved! So now I am now protected by my employer’s ADA law! So I can rest a little easier. The agreement was I had to take 10 minute breaks between each destination (except where I am at one worksite) as agreed between my supervisor and HR. And the breaks will not be paid for and will be added onto my work schedule. Does it suck? Yeah. Is it worth it? Hell yeah!

It’s become a little easier to work, without having to look over my shoulder or fear of being fired and/or being ridiculed for my illness. Hell…some people wouldn’t even believe I lived with mental illness. If you met me, you may not even recognize it.Anyways, it’s already hard enough I have to manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety, then try to mask it at work.  Then there are days when my symptoms are too strong, I struggle to keep myself together till the end of my shift. 😛

I am fortunate I have my supervisor who is understanding. Yeah sure it’s only one person who know the detail of my illness/behavior at work, but I am grateful! My whole life I’ve tried telling people to help me out: my parents, friends, peers, teachers… And even though I’ve been around people my whole life, I have still felt very alone in this ordeal.  Having 1 or 2 or 3 that I know who will stand behind me and support me is the most awesome feeling! It makes me feel like I’m not so alone any more…

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