The Science of a Celebrity Breakdown 

Yeah, every now and then I will put up stories about celebs. Why? Well one, it’s inspiring to know how they able to overcome their illness and still do great things. Two, to see how courageous some of them are to announce their illness. And lastly to show, no matter what walk of life a person is on, anyone can have a mental illness.

While the media loves televising certain famous celebrities go on a downward spiral when they experience a mental breakdown, these are no joke. Mental breakdowns are horrible! They impair  your reality, judgement , relationships, work… Sigh…If only the media would use these mental breakdowns to increase awareness of mental illness/breakdowns instead of trying to use those incidents to snag airtime or a spot on the newsstands. This infographic shows  which  celebrities—some you already know of and some you don’t— had a particular mental break Anyway…keep reading.


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