How To Talk To Friends Who Need to Seek Mental Health Treatments

I participate in a local Active Minds group at my school and our chapter had to take online lesson on how to converse with friends in seeking mental health treatment.  And I have to say, it was very informative! I mean in some ways,it kinda seemed like an RPG. I mean it would give you options or conversations you could have with your friend. The game would tell you how you could start off a conversation with your friend and which conversations would deem effective or ineffective.

Now as I much as it’s good that we promote mental health awareness and discuss about it, it’s just as important to know how to convince someone we know and/or love to pursue mental health treatment. Even if you like myself, have lived through mental illness and had willingness to pursue mental health treatment, we cannot think that everyone else will be like us. For some people just admitting they have a mental illness it’s hard enough. And another thing to keep in mind is not to think because just because you or someone you know have had an easier time accepting and recovering from mental illness, means the other person should. However, if they don’t it means that they aren’t trying or they are lazy. I myself have been guilty of doing this in the past. We need to realize everyone’s mental health journey will be different.We need to help ourselvesand one another learn how to converse with each other how pursue mental illness.

If you happen to be an Active Mind member at your school, check it out on this website:

Friends DO Make a Difference Initiative

I wish these lessons were accessible to everyone, but unfortunately it’s only for Active Mind members and perhaps other mental health organizations.

In the meantime, checkout some of these little snippets. I hope you can take a few things from this:

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