Knowledge Is Power



“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

Kofi Annfan

Before I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I remember all the times I fervently tried to research why I was wasn’t functioning properly:

  • I was always withdrawing from friends and people who wanted to be my friend. It was upsetting, because I knew the disappoint I was bringing to people. Sometimes I would either be labeled “two faced” or “flaky” by others. But it even brought more pain to me that I couldn’t explain why I was always pulling away from people.
  • I was always spewing illogical thoughts, which always got me into trouble
  • Growing up, I knew I was a weird and a dork, but I felt I was more off than usual
  • I felt disconnected from my life, school, work, and relationships
  • I would have constant mood changes which was irritating.
  • I lost the ability to enjoy activities with friends and family. I mean my sister would always try so hard to take me to outings to make me happy. And don’t get me wrong…I enjoyed all the outings she took me too, but at unfortunately, unknown to me at time I was too depressed at the time to enjoy it.
  • I had an even more terrible time concentrating, remembering and conjuring logical thoughts.

I thought a incompetent, immature person unable to properly function in society and I hated myself for a long time. It wasn’t until sometime later I decided to pursue help and after trial and error, I was able to find psychologist that told me my behaviors were the result of anxiety and depression. I was so revealed when I found that out! It wasn’t my fault for my irregular behaviors. I had a lot of work do including learning to love and accept myself. I’ve been taking my meds and finding appropriate ways combat depression and anxiety.

When you know yourself, it becomes a very relieving and enlightening pursuit. You can finally make peace with yourself and hopefully with your life. Below are some links that I hope can help you better explain how  anxiety/stress and depression affect you and/or your loved one psychologically. The best thing about these two videos is that they explain these illnesses with illustration, because sometimes words are not enough to explain the hurdles of living with a mental illness.

What Is Depression?

How Stress Affects Your Brain


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