Day: May 12, 2016

Life With Anxiety

I have been a tense person ever since I was a child; experiencing symptoms like repeated unwanted thoughts, irritability, numbing of emotions, inability to sit still, loose my temper, muscle tension….but I never knew it was related to an anxiety disorder. I was always told by people, even though my young adult years, I was either crazy, a drama queen, or slow. Although I knew where they were coming from, I knew I wasn’t any of those things get the best of me. The thing I was struggling with was, was it truly me or something else? Was I just trippin’ or was the thoughts and behaviors were a cry for something that needed to be taken care of?

Anxiety or rather anxiety disorders commonly taught as something “everyone has” is something that is common misunderstood. How do you know when you are displaying  temporary anxiety symptoms versus the symptoms of an anxiety disorder? The Mental Health America organization has an infographic explaining what occurs doing an anxiety disorder, what anxiety disorders are not and stories on what truly feels like to live with an anxiety disorder. Continue reading the inforgraphic for more information! 😀