Behavioral Health

Just as much as our physical health needs to be looked at, so does our behavioral health. I mean… that too can also affect our overall physical health! Go figure, huh? For the most part we know how most physical health ailments start and have treatments can reduce or event the ailments. But what about our mental/behavioral health? We seem to think if we and/or someone we know have a mental health disorder it’s a sign or weakness or a part of the experiences we go through in life such as the death of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job or even a failed math exam. However, the thing to realize is that

a. Mental illness is not a sign of weakness…ever.

b. Mental health disorders do not only come about through hardship.

Mental illnesses can occur anytime to anyone for any reason. I mean, you could experience depression as a child. And sometimes, they may come for no reason at all. Like sometimes for me, the sun could be shining  and win a grant for a local organization and I can still feel absolutely miserable! Ugh!

Could you imagine neglecting your physical health as you do your mental health? I am sure it is pretty hard to imagine. The better acquainted we are with  behavioral health—it’s factors, symptoms,  & it’s treatments—the much better our lives will be!

For more information on behavioral health look at the infograph below:

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