Day: June 19, 2016

How to Put Your “Mind” Into Mindfulness

When living with a mental health condition especially with an anxiety disorder, it can be really hard to live in the present. Why? Well whenever you get into, let’s say an anxious state, you are basically living the constant fear of what is your head. It’s horrible dude… But once you focus on a positive image (or scent or smell) and/or engage in a proactive activity, it reduces some physical effects of anxiety.When I was seeing my previous CBT therapist he recommended me to use mindfulness. Now when I thought mindfulness, I thought this…


But it’s not..or at least it doesn’t have to be one of the only ways of  doing mindfulness. In the following infographic, it provides various mindfulness exercises you can use wherever you go!

Mindfulness Activity

Despite the simple directions given below, it is  one the simplest method of reducing an anxiety attack! This is very effective! Trust me… Whenever I have an anxiety attack overcoming me, I use this technique. Sometimes if I have happen to have an anxiety attack when I forgot my pills, especially when I’m out somewhere and I don’t have my anti-anxiety pills, I use this technique and it really works! Then when I return home, I take my pills. This mindfulness activity is also one of many activities my CBT therapist provided to me. So, look over it and check it out! It may help you out when you least expect it!

Once you have found one of those five things, focus  on it to reduce the anxiety attack. It could be few for a few seconds or whenever you feel your anxiety go down.