CBT…I felt like I really benefited from undergoing this form of therapy. But you’re probably either wondering, “What is CBT?” or “I thought talk therapy was the only form of therapy?” or “I’ve heard about it, but I don’t know much about it” or “I am undergoing CBT, but I don’t know what to expect” or most importantly, “What’s CBT going to do for me?”

Well…the infographic below help you answers these questions. CBT helps you to better be reacquainted with your thoughts, feelings and behavior and provides with positive and productive tools and skills to manage them. And I think it’s great. I mean not being able to know how and why you operate the way you do (apart it being due to mental illness) is like not be able to know how to operate your smart phone or your laptop! And being that the brain was the first original (and organic) computer, you get to know your brain too and help it run properly!

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