What is Recovery Exactly?

Sometimes I get fustrated at my family, because they seem to expect me to recover at a drop of a hat. Then my mom sometimes will ask me what’s going  on with my theapy sessions and if my therapy sessions are good. Now…I understand my family wants me to stop suffering under my disorders, but they have to understand recovery is not just one-time process and is not something can be always done with close family and/or friends. It’s a on-going process that is more of a personal journey for me.

For example, when I underwent CBT therapy, I told my therapist I just wanted to know how to manage my disorders; I wasn’t expecting that my therapy session was going to make my disorders “go away”. And setting that expectation made the recovery process more effective and more productive. I wanted to stop being on the sidelines of my life, have a better relationship with myself and other and most importantly learn how to manage my anxiety/depressive disorders. It’s been a year and I still use the “skills” and “tools” I learned during those sessions to help me  manage my disorders alongside the meds I take.

So, down below you will see a little article that explains what it truly, truly means to recover and the realistic vs impractical expectations of recovery. I feel that knowing the difference between the two are extremely important  when undergoing the recovery process, so that you don’t give up on your recovery too soon.


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