How to Be Better Acquainted with Your Feelings

Living throughout my life with mental illness, I had a very hard time understanding my feelings. When you have mental illnesses living in your head like anxiety and depression, well let’s say they think the world evolves around them. So much so I forgot how to live in the world. I get so rapped up  in, for example, by the uncertainties of tomorrow and the despair of not being prepared enough for it.

Also not being able to identify my feelings also didn’t help much when I had to socialize with people. Sometimes I would either  be misunderstood and/or I lost self-esteem because  I knew I couldn’t express myself. And it especially didn’t help when every now and then I’d either get very sad or nervous or irritated for the most tiniest things. I knew  of course logically they weren’t worth being worried about, but psychologically, I thought otherwise. That tug of war in my brain can be a bit of a handful! Regardless, my peers never cared ’cause they could only see my actions and not the pain that was going on within me.

Since I have attended CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), I have been able to better familiarize with my feelings, identify what I truly needed and of course identify the problem. Sometimes, I even feel that when I use infographs like the one below helps me to better explain my journey in mental health recovery.😅

Anyway, I feel that being able to identify your feelings and what causes them is important not just for recovering from a mental illness, but in mental health in  general. The chart goes through a step by step process on being aware of your emotions and how to have a better control of them. Read below for more information:


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