Where to Get Help

Since I was a child, I have always suspected that I had a mental illness, but I didn’t know where to begin or who to turn to.  The first time I started seeking treatment (I wanna say I was about 19 or 20), I sought to use my doctor but they gave me only medicine–one that only made me more tired and me lethargic. Not helpful, especially when working in a fast paced environment.

So years later (especially when ObamaCare set in), I ended up calling my insurance company (mine had nurses or psychiatrist on the line) to see if they could find local hospitals/clinics that had an outpatient mental health treatment center. After much trial and error, I found one through one local school that had its own outpatient clinic. Then that psychiatrist did not only give me the correct diagnosis and medication, she referred me to another college that offered therapy for behavioral disorders, but that was free to low cost. Whew!

Are you or someone you know and  love having a hard time knowing where to begin to seek mental health treatment too?The infograph below created by Mental Health America, helps give you an idea where to begin and the resources in your local neighborhood you can turn to when seeking mental health treatment.

Need resources on where to find free-to-low cost mental health treatment centers in your neck of the woods? Click on the clinic below:

Finding Therapy

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