Depression or Anxiety or Depression and Anxiety?

There are times I can’t tell if I am depressed or anxious. Sometimes I think they are the samething.  Well according to the Calm Clinic website this is possible. Sometimes after suffering undergoing extreme anxiety and its physical symptoms (e.g. drained of energy) and feeling hopeless, depression can take place because you went through an anxious episode. And after undergoing that, you may feel bad you “allowed” that to happen to you. I know I have felt responsible whenever I go through an anxious and depressed episode. But the truth is, it’s not our fault that these illnesses appear at the sametime.  So could there be another culprit(s) for why anxiety and depression show up? And can anxiety and depression share similar symptoms?Let’s find out.

 The infograph below, from the Anxiety website, shows just how closely related the symptoms are to depression and anxiety:


Therefore as you can see, there is a bit of blurred lines between them—restlessness, excessive worrying and agitation—it’s no wonder it’s hard to tell the difference between the two of them! But how does that still show  what causes   anxiety and depression to share similar symptoms? One word: neurotransmitters.

According to the Calm Clinic website, neurotransmitters like serotonin are responsible for your mood. When there are low levels serotonin, depression and anxiety can take place. However as for which one comes first, researchers are still trying to find out. They have so far discovered some possible causes (“Anxiety”, 2016):

  •  When anxiety precedes depression, it may cause what is called secondary depression
  • If depression comes first and then a person recovers from the depression they feel anxious
  • Treatment used for depression (e.g.antidepressants)can trigger anxiety
  •  The negative stigma of depression can cause a person to be very anxious

Look, regardless which comes first it is important to know how to treat them if they should ever come  up. Heck! It’s important to be aware if you are undergoing depression and anxiety! The infographic below shows you how to be aware and know what to do when you experience depression and anxiety.


The left side of the chart shows you what to recognize when undergoing depression or anxiety or both. The right side of chart shows  list of positive you can do to ease your anxious and/or depressed symptoms.

For even more information, click on the link below:

Depressed about your anxiety?

How late-life anxiety testing can prevent mental health misdiagnosis

What is the difference between anxiety and depression?


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