How Anxiety Affects Your Health

This past weekend—heck the past weeks—I have been so anxious due to fact I have no job for the summer (the school I work for is off for the summer), little food for the house, little money to take care of the house/bill responsibilities and worse—no money to have fun! Oi! I hate it when this happens: when you have money, you have no time to do anything, but when you have have time, you don’t have the money! What the heck man?!

Anyway, I have been so anxious about all those things that I forgot about other important things I had to look into and I ended up postponing 3 essays I had to complete for a teaching internship interview that I have for tomorrow.  Oh, boy! So anyways…yes I have been anxious on top of previous and upcoming anxieties.  But does not only does anxiety  affect the external well being, but the internal well being.

The infograph below shows how anxiety impacts your physical health in many ways. I, myself have experienced many gastrointestinal problems due to anxiety from extreme bloating to vomiting to ulcers to heartburn…yeah anxiety, no good. Though another interesting fact about the dangers of extreme anxiety is that you can become anemic. Huh…I never knew that.

For more information on how anxiety can affect your health, look at the infograph below:



How anxiety affects your health [online image]. (2014 October, 3). Retrieved April 3, 2016 from


2 thoughts on “How Anxiety Affects Your Health

  1. I found this post very informative! It’s amazing just how dangerous having social anxiety and/or depression is to your health in the long term!

    Also good luck with the teaching internship interview. I am a teaching assistant myself, so I am aware of the stresses that the job involves, but also the largely rewarding aspect of having an affect on young lives. i hope you get it 🙂

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