America’s Health Centers Address Health Inequality

Sometimes I wonder why do some people (besides the color of their skin) do not get the treatment they need to achieve their optimal mental health. I too am a person of color and nobody told me to pursue my mental health. Sometimes whenever I feel I am about  to go on an ego trip, I remember my parents.

Although I may have had my mental illness for a long time, my parents being migrants of this country didn’t know where and how to seek treatment. From where my parents come from, things like mental illness isn’t talked about or noticed.My parents never knew the free to low cost services that was offered to me while I was growing up that I know now as an adult. Heck…it was hard for them to accept something was wrong with me (although they kinda had a feeling).

So apart from having barriers such as being an immigrant, lack of awareness of mental health disorders and the services that cater to it, what is keeping people and/or their family from pursuing their mental health? The infographic below gives a few reason why U.S. citizens do not pursue their mental health. Among those reasons are where we work, live and play. Such factors can impact the search for achieving optimal mental health. For more information, check out the infographic below:



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