All Feelings Are Essential for Overall Well-Being

Growing up, I remember when my mom thought whenever I was feeling sad or angry, I wasn’t being quote/unquote, “positive”. Even now as an adult, she still gives me a hard time about that! Though here’s the thing: you can feel sad or angry and still be positive.It’s your right. Besides, there will be times you will feel angry or sad at something or someone and still have faith that at the end things are going to be alright.

I get it, growing up we were taught directly or indirectly that being angry or sad are negative feelings and that feeling happy or ecstatic were good feelings. But being sad or angry can be good feelings. If you see someone hurt, you can feel sad because you don’t like the circumstance the person is in. It can help you to feel empathy towards them and may encourage you to help that person. Being angry can help you see the frustration you see yourself in, for example, in how your mental illness is impacting your life and may inspire you to seek mental health treatment. Then as you pursue your mental health and realize how you have overcome relapse in the past, it helps you to stay positive that you will make into recovery again and again and again.

Then again sometimes feelings of happiness may not always be a good thing. For example, you force yourself to be “happy”  or in denial about the circumstance that is really at hand. For example, let’s just say you were seeing someone (and we’ve all been here before) and you were so elated that this person is in your life, when clearly they didn’t give a crap about you.

As we get older not only do we become better acquainted with these “positive” or “negative” feelings,  you come better acquainted with yourself and with life. Your feelings can help you to make a change in your life or in someone else’s life. They can help you to see the situation for what it is and help you find the strength to overcome it.

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