And So I Kept Living….


I am doing a fundraiser for suicide prevention via To Write Love on Her Arms foundation. According to the “American Foundation For Suicide Prevention” website, 42, 773 each year. With your contribution imagine the difference you could make in suicide prevention! For example, your donation could help the TWLOA team print and share localized Find Help resources with people across the United States. Being that it is my first fundraiser, I want to fundraise $150.

And So I Kept On Going

Being with someone who lives with mental health, I put in my own share ($25; it’s what  I can afford), because I hope someone will find an easier time finding help than I did. I had to look for mental health by myself and it was not easy! Hopefully, having a pamphlet will offer someone hope in the despair of  their mental illness. In advanced, thank you for time and donation! Also, stay tuned for World Suicide Prevention Day on Saturday, September 10th.

P.S. Don’t freak out if see the name and picture on my campaign page (for those on my WordPress and Tumblr sites), that is me! 😀

P.S.S. I have pic of the “And So I Kept Living”, on the left column. It’s right between my follow me on “tumblr” page and the “Follow Me on Twitter, Tweets”.

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