Halloween Costumes Gone Too Far

Halloween, I have gotta say is of the holidays I like. For starters—next to comic book/Pop Culture conventions— it is the only time you can be someone or something other than yourself. People young and old, take pride in their costumes whether bought in the store, online or craftily created by themselves. I mean you can be your favorite character, creature…anything you name it, you can be it. That’s what Halloween is for! However, as of late, certain costumes have been taking Halloween costumes over the edge. You have heard of the “killer clowns” and now thanks to these pranksters, stores such Target have rid these costumes. Now there has been another “costume” that has been taken off the shelves.

I am not sure if you have heard, but there has been a protest on how Wal-Mart sold this costumes on their online website *warning: viewer discretion advised*


Although I have never undergone self-harm or suicide, any form entertainment that uses mental health disorders for amusement, is what I am willing to fight against. So, I too took part of the protest via twitter:


I know it’s not much, but it didn’t  take much time until I received this tweet from WalMart:


 Well at least, Wal-Mart apologized. Which I find rare for retails companies to do. Though I gotta say, someone had to have known that this would be unexceptionable in their stores, so how did they think it okay them to put it on website? Just sayin’. See, in how I view Halloween, as being the holiday where you can be something other than yourself, it’s ridiculous that costumes such as the above are used for just that. I mean let’s be real here…why in the world would  anyone want to be someone committing suicide or performing self-harm? I mean, really??? Did the 3rd party seller just run out of ideas and/or wanted something “fresh”? And it’s like indirectly promoting suicide or self-harm to costumers and/or continuing to foster insensitivity towards those who live with mental health disorders (like myself). Yeah…like we need anymore of those problems right? Any who, as you go to buy (especially to those who know one with mental illness) a hair-raising costume for Halloween, please dress up with consideration for those who live with mental illness.

If you want more information, click on the link below:

Petition Starts After Advocates Discover “Suicide Scar” Costume Sold on Walmart.com

Hey Wal-Mart, Suicide Is Not A Costume

Walmart Removes Offensive Suicide Product: Now Let’s Educate Marc Beige Who Is The Supplier


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