Day: November 4, 2016

Who I am…. 1

My disability does not define me…..

Who I Am poster_RJ Mitte

Lately,  there has been a campaign for employers to include people with many forms disability to be treated with the same respect and dignity as their wellabled co-workers. The “Who I Am…” campaign established by the Office of Disability Employment Policy, promotes the ability of those living with disabilities despite living with them.

Among the campaigners, 9 individuals who live with a disability showcase how living with their disability doesn’t stop them from being the best they can be at their jobs.  One of them who we are well familiar with, RJ Mitte, proves this in the AMC acclaimed, “Breaking Bad” where he plays Walter White’s son, Walter White Jr. And throughout the show you see the love and admiration Jr. has for his dad, but as Walter gets deeper and deeper in the drug business, you see the how that is eradicated when Jr. finds out his dad’s a druglord and the complications he brought among their family. Mitte did a terrific job in the show that I even forgot he lived with cerebral palsy.

Our disabilities regardless of what they are, are a part of us, but do not define our us nor our capabilities. We should not be limited to job opportunities, because of whatever misconceptions employers have about disabilities. Our talents can take us higher, regardless of it. This is why the “Who I Am…” campaign is very vital in disclosing such matters. In addition to Mitte’s  “Who I Am…” poster, I will also post the other 8 individuals who also prove that their disability does not define them nor their capabilities.

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