Day: November 22, 2016

No More 1

The “No MORE” Organization, established in 2014, helps bring further awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. “No More” is made up by leading advocacy groups, service providers, the U.S. Department of Justice and major corporations.The “No MORE” is not  owned by any one organizer, because it is open to any organization and individuals (like myself) who want to use our websites to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

I never knew there were so many celebrities behind domestic violence and sexual assault awareness. Some of them are ones I am familiar with. One of them like Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order SVU. It’s nice seeing and/or hearing them speak on these “controversial” issues, because I feel like someone is standing with me. I also felt this way with the celebrities who stood and/or revealed their mental health disorder, which too is a trivialized topic.  But sometimes it’s sad too I look up to them, because I do not have that big of support in my own life. And it’s not like I know them. However I happy for the little support system I have in my life right now: my counselor, my brother and my boyfriend. I am grateful!

Though another reason why I add celebrities on my blog, because regular people like myself talk such issues, nobody takes it seriously. It’s like, “Oh, mental illness is just in your head.” or “How can you be so naive to trust him?” Basically, a person like you and I who has lived with either or both situations would be considered “weak”. Tch…yeah…right.

Any who, I will be showcasing celebrities who are in support of this organization and it’s fight in eradicating. If you want more information, like on the banner below:


Till I add in more… take a look at theses next few images below and hopefully you too will take a stand with me to help educate people about rape and sexual assault.