Consent Is Simple

A butt, boob, hand, vagina, and penis…what do they have to do with sexual assault awareness/consent? Well to protect you from making a mistake when with a partner or when you feel your partner is not respecting your feelings about not engaging in certain sexual activities.

Project Consent is a non-profit organization that began in 2014 in  Kansas to better help the public better understand rape culture and sexual assault. They use various forms of communication on these heavy, but often trivialized topics in order  to educate various global communities. These forms of communication involve their social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, merchandise (all proceeds benefit the Project Consent organization), guest submissions (includes others or their loved ones impacted by sexual assault crimes), and online news letter. The site also offers external resources that help you and/or loved ones know their rights and know who talk to after sexual assault.

So remember if you partner says “no” to any sexual activities, don’t be a boob (pun intended), respect their wishes.

For anymore more questions on this organization, click on the link below:

Project Consent



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