Getting Raped Is Not The Fault of The Victim 

As I previously mentioned, my assaulter manipulated me into have sex with him even though I had told him “no” many times.  I know, it seems like I should have known— God forbid it ever happens to you— I didn’t know it, because he was very subtle and made me as if it were MY decision.

The picture below (from Instagram) showcases the red flags of manipulation. I am presenting this to you, so that you—whether you are a boy or girl or transgender—EVER have this happen to you or your loved ones. Too many times has the misconception of  how rape “happens” has misled society, the victims and even the perpetrators on how rape CAN happen. This needs to stop now! So, along with this post and many, many, many other posts on:

  • What Sexual Assault Is
  • What Sexual Assault Is Not
  • What Consent Means
  • What Consent DOES NOT Mean
  • Whose Fault Is It for Rape
  • What Rape Culture Is
  • How People Should Respect Their  Partners
  • What “No” Means

to help reduce or better yet, stop the shaming on both sides.

I will when I have the strength to tell you more of my journey as I am recovering from that experience. If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted I want you/them to know that you/they are survivors at this point. You/They are not at fault for why the event happened. The ONLY one at fault is the person who harmed you…the person you trusted…the person you loved. So, don’t punish yourself for wanting to find love or give love or be loved. Like how there are good people out there in the world like you, there are not-so-good people out there in the world. Regardless, keep being yourself, take your time heal, and when you have the strength again, don’t be afraid to be the love you wish to see in the world. The world needs it.


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