HB2 Unrepealed

As you probably all have heard about by now, HB2 was unable to be repelled. It’s unfortunate. I mean, why should people be forced to use the bathroom that is opposed to their gender reassignment? They have to use the bathroom too. I get it…it is awkward to meet a transgender person using a women’s/men’s restroom, but at the end like everyone else they have to pee. I mean, I find the bathroom a scared place where you can in a sense, “let loose” (yes, the pun is intention) and then refresh yourself before carrying out the rest of your day.

This whole thing about transgender thing about this law established to “protect” women and children from sexual predators entering bathroom is just utter nonsense. First of all, transgender people are NOT sexual predators. Period. I get it…seeing something different than how you are use to seeing things is scary. However, that is NOT an excuse to be simply put,be a jerk to others. Number two, to say that they are going to harm women and children is utter ridiculous. Yes, I said twice. That’s how mind boggling this is to me. Technically, sexual predator are people you are closest to unfortunately. A family member, a friend, lover/date, teacher, etc…someone who you have already built trust with. Hell, even the politicians themselves…we all know that they HAVE skeletons in the closet.

While it is upsetting that the North Carolina government is prevent certain people to use toilet, I am glad that various organizations, stores, and people are recognizing this wrong and making it right in their bathrooms. In the bible, yes, God said that people should not be dressing up as the opposite sex, but…God DID say that the greatest commandment is Love. To show love to our fellow man and in turn making a difference in our world. And I am happy the communities of North Carolina and across the nation have been doing just that.


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