Celebritites Who Have Spoken Up About Mental Illness in 2016

 2016 has come and gone, but so what hasn’t left? Mental Health Stigma. But thanks to the celebs bringing up their mental illness or even advocating for mental health awareness, hopefully it will encourage people to seek treatment of their mental and that they can still pursue their dreams. Let’s make this new year’s resolution to continue to  raise our voices to end the stigma towards mental illness.

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 For the life of me, I haven’t a clue on where I got more than half  of these pictures from. I just sorta choose ones that inspire me in my own quest to recovery (and could happen to be my favorite celeb). As you know, I do my best to credit the organization and news sites that I get my information or picture from. Believe me, I wish I got all that information on my own, but I didn’t. Though the site information I could salvage (because I bookmarked them), I put them down here. However, there are links below that can give you further insights on your favorite celebs and how they have managed their mental illness.


10 Male Celebrities Who Are Smashing Mental Health Stereotypes

17 Celebrities Who Opened Up About Mental Illness In 2016

Carrie Fisher Hailed A “Hero” for Helping Remove Stigma of Mental Illness

Why Chris Wood Wants to Break Down the Stigma of Mental Illness


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