Stages of Depression

Depression is… well…a B**CH. Yes,  depression is a B**CH in all caps. I hate how it holds me back from being my best self everyday. Three years since I have found out that I have been living with depression, I have been trying to learn how to identify it; ’cause you know knowledge is power. In this though, self-knowledge is power. I have come to find in my life that no matter how things, situations and people change as long as I have developed or have been developing self-awareness, I can still do pretty well, especially when living with depression. I can learn how to make better make ‘preparations’ because I know myself. I am still learning about me, my depression and anxiety, especially in how to identify them. But you know…it can be so hard! People sometimes know when I am depression before I even know! It’s so annoying and embarrassing, because I don’t want people to see me like that. And I especially don’t want people asking me why I am depressed, because one, I don’t always have a reason as to why. It just stupidly sneaks up on me! Two, how do you explain to people that depression “just happens”? Anywho, it’s nobodies business even if they ask (sorry, I’ve just had too many sad encounters have to explain my life to people, only for people to be disinterested, indifferent, and/or disrespected). So below is a little infograph explaining how depression comes about. Now…your depression may not come in all these stages, but at least by identifying these various steps of depression, you can learn how to recover from one or all of these “Stages of Depression”. Remember: Knowledge is Power!



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