Debbie Reynolds

If any of you watched Sunday’s Golden Globes, there was a small but heart warming tribute to Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds. Right after Ms. Reynold’s daughter passed away, she passed away less than two days after her on Wednesday, December 28, 2016.

She was best known for performing in “Singing in the Rain” and in “Halloweentown I and II and Holloween High”. However she also played as every’s favorite spider, Charlotte in the 1973 animated film also named after the book, “Charlotte’s Web.” Yeah. I didn’t know either, until recently. But you don’t know what she was also known for? No, not in a movie, but as a President for the non-profit organization, The Thalians.

Now…I have heard Ms. Reynolds has been a supporter of mental health awareness, but I never known she and a fellow of her co-stars have been doing it for years. Actually, the non-profit has been around since in 1955. The Thalians was made up of actors like Nicky Blair, Bill Brown Jr. Milton Cohen, Gary Crosby, Kim Dibbs, Bill & Nori Gold, Jack Haley Jr., Mac Krim, Hugh O’ Brian, Bob Petersen and Margaret Whiting. They named themselves after the goddess of Thalia and dedicated their new founded organization to helping children with mental health problems. It wasn’t till two years later in 1957 Debbie Reynolds was nominated president of the Thalians and has been for over 50 years.

The photos above represent all the Honoree’s that have received the Mr. or Mrs.’s Wonderful Award. This award was given to actors or musicians who have great contributed making society better at the annual Thalian’s Gala Ball. The proceeds from that event would be used to fund their organization.

Now days, non-profit supports veterans who have fought in past wars.

I never knew that recently that she has been supporting mental health awareness among veterans. And even among doing that she was helping her daughter battle her on mental health. Which I find remarkable, because I can’t my own mother to help me in mine. Hopefully, one day. However, through her relationship with her daughter it shows that families don’t have to be ashamed of their loved ones living with mental health; regardless of their social economic status. I am not saying their relationship was easy, cause i am sure it was not. Though, I think it was that love of family and one another, that helped Ms. Fisher overcome bipolar disorder and her mother to kind of have that peace to know her daughter is able to live better life. If you haven’t see their biography after their passing, without her diagnosis and willingness to recover from the mental illness, she was a mess. Yet from her diagnosis till Ms. Carrie’s death, she has overcome it. Debbie Reynolds and her daughter, Carrie Fisher have lived an extraordinary life, but they were never afraid to fight against mental health stigma. I highly respect the mother-daughter duo for this and hope where ever they are in heaven, resting peacefully with each other.

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