What IS Rape Culture?

Never, EVER, EVER! God forbid you ever under go it, it’s a confusing, difficult and upsetting experience. It’s a horrible feeling. Look, while I understand we put all these expectations in order to “understand” why good or bad things happen. But sometimes all having “expectations”  can lead to misjudgment, miscommunication and exclusion between especially for the people that need feel loved, cherished, and respected. These people can include those who have undergone sexual assault/rape.

It isn’t fair to think it’s not surprising when a woman wearing a crop top and mini skirt gets raped. It’s not fair to think that just because a woman went to her date’s house that is was no wonder she got raped. It is not fair to think that just because she was intoxicated from drinking beer she got raped. It’s not fair to think that a black woman got raped, because black women are known to be “promiscuous” and “exotic”. For those many unfair comments toward women who have faced sexual assault/rape circumstance, it needs to stop now. The only way we can stop “endorsing” rape culture is by loving and supporting those who have gone sexual assault/rape, go after the perpetrator and not the rape victim, and teach our young how to be aware of sexual predators. In this way, we can the senseless violence toward women and even men.



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