Stop Sexual Violence Before It Starts

Too often is blame of rape put on the victim and not on the perp. I have no idea why. I mean, nobody asks to be raped regardless where they go, who they are with,  what they do, what they wear or who they are. How are we as a nation suppose to reduce sexual violence when we have this mindset? Ridiculous. It is the ignorance of sexual assault/violence and rape that in some ways keeps reinstating this type of violence. We shouldn’t just tell people what happens in order  to”reduce” sexual violence, but also to tell people what rape sexual assault/violence and rape is. Talk about what the consequences  of sexual violence are. To talk about the laws that exist to protect those who have undergone sexual violence. Heck… to possess the know how and the various organizations that cater to helping individuals and their families overcome sexual violence.

The infographic below by the CDC helps explain on the various steps we as a nation we can take to protect our communities, our families, and ourselves.


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