The Affordable Care Act (ACA; aka Obamacare) and Women’s Health

Think the Affordable Care Act is waste of taxpayer dollars? Well think again. It has greatly contributed to women’s health including mine and because of this act, I am eternally grateful. I would have not been treated for my fibroid, I would not have been treated for my mental health and I would not have received free HIV/AIDS and STI testing after being sexually assaulted. Before this act, I would not have been able to have insurance, because I already had an existing condition before getting a new health insurance policy…not to mention it was freakin’ expensive for just for lil’ old me! This act forces health insurance to open up their doors for many people living pre-existing, chronic conditions

To not have this health care in assistance, would be ridiculous, because one:

  1. This is best there is and with a little love, care and support, we can make the Affordable Care Act better every year. Remember, this act is still in it’s infancy. Nothing great happens over night, especially when it comes to bettering the lives of millions of Americans.
  2. We are the United State of America for crying out loud! How is it we are the nation of the “free” world and we don’t have even have free health care for our people?!?! Why is it that Canada and United Kingdom have free healthcare and we don’t? What the hell is up with that? Yeah they pay higher taxes, but at least it’s going into healthcare for their respective nations. And I wouldn’t mind paying higher taxes if it went back of taking care of me and everyone else in this nation. Watch Sicko and you’ll understand why.
  3. The Republican party does not have a plan. They say there is, but action speaks louder than words. They don’t even have an outline of a new healthcare system, much less a plan.
  4. Why would you take something away when you don’t even have a backup???  I mean…c’mon…

Anywho this little graphic from the Ultraviolet website, will explain the importance of saving this monumental act.



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