Day: March 5, 2017

I Had The Most Weirdest Dream…or Nightmare Ever…


*sigh* I don’t know whether to call this a dream or nightmare, either way it was wasn’t comforting. This morning I dreamed my sexual assaulter, Bill Cosby, and some random dude…playing poker. I don’t know why they were playing poker  or even better, why am I even dreaming of my sexual assaulter…and Bill Cosby??? I wasn’t even thinking about my assaulter…or Bill Cosby. For me to dream about my assaulter would make more sense dream about, because like I have mentioned in my earlier posts, my assaulter lives in the same vicinity as my boyfriend. Bill Cosby…could have came from some reason article about another victim coming out or something.Question.. (may be more appropriate for sexual assault survivors or therapist to answer) is it normal for victim, survivors to dream of their assaulter? I’d like to know, because the guy didn’t just invade my body, but my mind too. And I don’t appreciate it.

Rape Happens Without A Reason

  ****Warning Sensitive Photos. May Trigger Sexual Assault Memories****

These pictures for me are triggering. But I want those who don’t understand rape/sexual assault to know and understand that there is NO reason for sexual violence. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and no matter what the person is wearing, what color they are, how old they are, rich, poor, gay, straight, there is NO reason for rape/sexual assault. Focusing on the victim and then blaming them for what happened to them has to stop. Having someone else to invade your body and mind is an overwhelming, confusing feeling, so it is imperative to be there for victims and comfort and support them. The pics below capture the assault that women and even men go through no matter your color, gender, or sexual identity. So, please let’s stop the whole “figuring out” thing and be there for those who have undergone sexual violence instead.