Rape Happens Without A Reason

  ****Warning Sensitive Photos. May Trigger Sexual Assault Memories****

These pictures for me are triggering. But I want those who don’t understand rape/sexual assault to know and understand that there is NO reason for sexual violence. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and no matter what the person is wearing, what color they are, how old they are, rich, poor, gay, straight, there is NO reason for rape/sexual assault. Focusing on the victim and then blaming them for what happened to them has to stop. Having someone else to invade your body and mind is an overwhelming, confusing feeling, so it is imperative to be there for victims and comfort and support them. The pics below capture the assault that women and even men go through no matter your color, gender, or sexual identity. So, please let’s stop the whole “figuring out” thing and be there for those who have undergone sexual violence instead.




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