Self-Care Can Be (1)…

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2 thoughts on “Self-Care Can Be (1)…

  1. Another issue of which on-line talking may existing is the self-confidence of your individual. As it will be less difficult to help communicate on the internet, someone who’s going to be really self conscious as well as shy could possibly have a hard time keeping up with who seem to he / she genuinely is usually. The individual as an alternative is similar to living the two oceans.


    • Well…no. That’s not the case with everybody. Just like in real life, there are people who will be genuine and people who aren’t. People can live two different lives in the real world too, but yeah on the internet, the web is your canvas and the keyboard is your paintbrush. So you can be anyone you want to be. Or you can be the same you you are in real life. It’s your call to make in the internet as well in real life.
      Then again when using a social network website, for example, WordPress, you want to do your best to edit your post, because EVERYONE around the world is reading your stuff! So you can always edit and refurbish your writings, whereas in real life once you say whatever is on your mind, you can’t take it back. Then again…even if you end you social media page it stays on the web forever…
      I don’t mind helping others in real life. But you have to remember…this is mental illness . Yes, we are in a time where it’s more “acceptable” to talk about, but it’s not easy for everyone to talk about living with a mental illness. People have lost friends and family and even a job because of it. Heck, I have lost a friends and family because of it too, but that doesn’t prevent me from telling my story online or in-person. And just like in any conversation, not EVERYBODY has to know your business. You can control what to say, when to say it, how to say it and who to say it too. And then you learn there are some people you can’t talk about certain topics and/or situations because they will NEVER understand and/or it will just lead into a heated argument. So you have to do your best to use your BEST judgement.


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