Yea! Obamacare AKA The Affordable Care Act Is Saved!


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh…Obamacare Aka: The Affordable Care Act is saved! I’m saved, the American Public’s health is saved… I cannot tell you how much I have prayed and prayed for the Affordable Care Act to stay. Without it I might have lost my health care coverage and I would have been then very screwed over! I mean, not that long along ago I was sick for nearly a month with a sinus infection and bronchitis. If it wasn’t for ACA, I could have been worse. I might caught pneumonia…or worse…. For my bronchitis, I had to get an inhaler but the one I got was the cheapest. It was like about $70. Can you imagine how much I could have got that medication without ACA? Yeah…neither can I.

In fact I stumbled on this pic not too long along ago on the cost of medication here in the U.S. versus Canada:

Drug Prices_Canada vs USA

This is only to name a few, but this just shows the ridiculous pricing in the U.S. for medication. I get it…it’s supply and demand, but really? C’mon there’s gotta be a code of ethics when it comes to the pricing of medication (and we’re not even talking about the price to seeing the doctors and undergoing testing for medical conditions). But for now the ACA is the best we’ve got. The ACA is still in its infancy and just like any game, car, house, heck… law (or anything in that matter) it will need updating.

But for the moment, I am so so so happy that the ACA is saved. The next things that needs saving is government programs (EPA), PBS (Grew up with that station, loved it. Want kids to love and grow up with it too), save our schools (e.g. arts program)…basically we need to protect America and the future citizens who will benefit from those programs too. And I will keep praying to ensure that.

For more information on *coughs Trump’s major loss* the ACA, check out the links below:

In Major Defeat for Trump, Push to Repeal Health Law Fails

Ryan Pulls “Fundamentally Flawed” GOP Health Care Bill Following Call From Trump

Trump Asks Ryan to Pull Vote on GOP Healthcare Overhaul Amid Collapsing Support






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