let’s talk about college and mental health

heavy psych

College is a time for finding yourself, for experiencing that first true taste of freedom, for making friends, and for figuring it out.

For many, college is also a time of onset of mental illness. Common onset for many disorders is between 18-25. How old are traditional college students? between 18 and 25.

Couple this time in life of experimenting more with drugs and alcohol, being on your own, and major adjustment with the onset of a disorder, and you have a situation on your hands. This doesn’t have to be a “serious” disorder (even though they all should be taken seriously). This is a very common age and time in life for the onset of depression and anxiety. Those two disorders just so happen to be common co-morbid diagnoses, too.


To understand why this is such a common time for onset (beginning) of disorders, I want to review what…

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