Self Rescuing Princess


I love going to Her! It’s the best place to find clothes that you can get your geek on and yet still look fabulous! I own a couple of Star Wars inspired outfits already (see below).

So let me give a little gist of the site. Okay, so the site was founded by Ashley Eckstein who is the voice actress behind Ahsoka Tano on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels.



In addition to designing Star Wars inspired clothing, she also made other clothing attire for Doctor Who, Marvel, Star Trek and Studio Ghibli. I really like this site because there is finally something wearable to support my geekdom in Star Wars for instance. I mean there has always been Star Wars attire, but none for girls/women. There were always t-shirts (more designed for boys/men), but I’m not really a “t-shirt person”. Sometimes I’ll wear them but not all the time. So it’s nice to go to a site that gives you many options of what kinda wardobe you wanna wear for the day: blouses, t-shirts (of course), dresses, sweaters & cardigans, hoodies & sweatshirts, bottoms, outerwear… The choice is yours in “Her Universe”. I mean for example, the third outfit on the far right, the Star Wars Symbol Cardigan, I basically can wear that to work. Everytime I wear that people mistake the Imperial Empire and Rebel symbols for poka dots once they see my cardigan up close and they end up liking it more because it looks like workwear and it’s Star Wars. It’s very comfortable too..

Anyway, I am not writing this post to boast about my Star Wars wardrobe, but to promote a cause that the Her Universe website is promoting.

Star Wars Princess Leia Self Rescuing Princess

The shirts you see here are made in the late Carrie Fisher’s honor for her advocacy in mental health awareness. The proceeds from this tee will go toward The Thalians (I also wrote an article about them), a non profit organization—once headed by Ms. Fisher’s mother, the late Debbie Reynolds—whose mission is to help the men and women who served our country overcome their mental illness. Definitely, this is a t-shirt I will buy in the future and proudly wear!

If you want more information on the shirt, click on the website below:

Star Wars Princess Leia Self-Rescuing Princess T-Shirt

If you like to know more about the Thalians, click on the website below:

The Thalians


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