People with Mental Illness Are NOT weak


People with mental illness are NOT weak. Let me repeat so that it’s NOT mistaken…”People with mental illness are NOT weak.” They went through A LOT in their lives for them to live with it in the first place… circumstances, mistreatment that you may not have fared too well in. A person can only take so much and for them not to wear their heart of their sleeves and not make excuses for not being their best selves because of those losses and heart aches takes A LOT of strength.

Speaking of strength, they are honest with themselves on their weaknesses. You have to if you want to take the road to recovery which is not an easy thing. Hell, at least they have the audacity to take responsibility of their illness. They’re are not just making excuses why they “can’t” change their behavior. So, if someone you know and/or love is telling you they are taking their meds, seeing their therapist and taking measures to help reduce their anxiety and depression for example, give them kudos. A LOT people don’t have that strength to be honest with themselves and take responsibility of their themselves. You have to learn to love yourself time everytime you mess up on the road to recovery and you have to have the love AND the strength to pick yourself up. You have to learn how to love AND accept yourself, when people stop and/or walk out on you when you admit you have mental illness to them. Or they told thoughtless comments. It’s A LOT. Let me tell you… So please think twice before you think and/or say people living with mental illness are weak, because they are FAR from it. FAR, FAR from it.


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